About Me

Hi, I am Elaine Monroe, author mother and grandmother

Alternative Thinker

My friends would say I’m an ‘alternative thinker’, I am certainly no stranger to energy healing and have been using Quantum Touch for several years. But most importantly I am open to learning more about how we, as humans, approach life. I will question things that don’t feel right. I will question myself.

I fully believe that a positive attitude and kindness towards everyone we meet is how we should be living our lives, but realise that it is not always as simple as that. Everybody’s life experiences are different in how they have been shaped. It’s how we deal with the setbacks that is the key. 

My Discovery

What I have found out, through my research, is that the mind is an amazing organ that we have not even started to understand fully. Many in the medical professions believe it is how we think that has a big impact on our ability to heal. That through visualising ourselves healing, we can start to influence the chemical reactions in our bodies to enable this to begin. 

The key is that you have to truly and wholeheartedly believe that you can make a difference. Not just say the words, but feel it deep inside you. Unfaltering confidence that the changes you visualise in your body are helping you to heal.


I want to make this clear; I am not saying this is a cure. I would never advise anyone to go against medical advice. Some may have so much faith in their abilities that they can go it alone. I wasn’t that brave. All I wanted to do was to prepare my body so it was in the best place possible to receive healing.If I could visualise my body working for me, then that had to be a positive.

I do believe it helped me to get through it and come out the other side. I believe it can help other people to do the same.

If anything I can pass on does that, then I will feel blessed. 

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